MISCA Veterinary Clinic

Icon Plumbing was happy to work on the plumbing and medical gas at the new Minimally Invasive Specialty Center for Animals (MISCA) in West Linn.

Most of the work was installing the plumbing for the many sinks found throughout the clinic. There were exam room sinks, surgery sinks, lab sinks, and more.

There were also a handful of veterinary wet tables. Wet tables are used for dentistry, ear flushes, or any procedure requiring irrigation.

And obviously when little fur balls are having surgery, they require medical gases and oxygen while they are under and recovering. There were over a dozen WAG and oxygen outlets hanging from the ceiling throughout the clinic so critters can breathe easy, all plumbed by Icon Plumbing.

And of course, there’s a bathroom for humans too.

All photography done by STIEL structural photography and used with permission by Pacific Crest Structures.